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About Us!

Hi! My name Asia Wheeler, and I am the founder of Simply Sol Care, an all-natural self-care shop. We create nourishing soap bars, coconut soy wax candles (in our one of a kind concrete jars and typical glass jars) and wax melts made without toxins, phthalates, dyes, or paraffins. 

Our handcrafted candles create an intentional self care zone, whether you want to ease your nerves, keep a clear mind, finish off a freshly clean room, or just want to smell your favorite fragrance throughout your home!
Each and every product is made in small batches from the heart in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a Black woman myself, I have been immensely inspired by the Black women who have started their own online businesses, apothecaries, and curated shops. My journey is just beginning, and I’d love for you to stick around to see where Simply Sol Care goes.
Handcrafted with love from my home to yours,